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The December tour will depart at 7am EST tomorrow! See you all there!! Here is your final sneak peek:




Designer Reveal #10: Designs by Romajo


We are so excited to be here today, revealing Marieke of Designs by Romajo as the 10th contributor to the December 2015 Magical Mousetery Tour. So, let’s get to know her and her designs a little better:


Back in 2011 I started with creating some small freebies for blog trains. I loved doing it and in April 2012 I opened my first shop, which I moved 1.5 years later. At the end of 2014 I closed my shop, and opened a shop at With Love Studio at the beginning of 2015. Two years ago i got some design classes from a friend, that helped to improve the quality of my designs.


I don’t really have a favorite character, I love to meet them all. I am not so into the Villains and I have a preference for face characters, like the Princesses. If I had to name only one, it would be Stitch, mostly because our daughter is a bit like him.


I can find inspiration everywhere: music, colors, theme, time of the year, nature, a quote.


First we liked Disney for it’s rides and the fact that everything is themed to the smallest details. The more i have been to Disney parks (Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World), the more I appreciate the views of Mr. Disney himself and what he tried to give to the people. I also like the experiences you can have and the high quality of everything: details, surroundings, smells, food and so on. Well, I think I do like to the complete experience you have.


Getting everything together: from the vision you have in mind, to the final product. I like it the best when a kit just flows out of your hand. Some palettes just work pretty and you hardly can stop. Other kits are more a struggle, these are normally the kits I am not fond of myself.

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Here are a few of her amazing kits available for sale in her store:




Marike also sent over this generous coupon for 25% discount off her shop:


Make sure you check back December 1st for the launch of Magical Mousetery Tours!

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