4 days until “A Magical Fairy-Tale” | Designer Reveal – Designs by Romajo

Only 4 days until A Magical Fairy-Tale!! Today we are welcoming back Marieke of Designs by Romajo, so lets get to know Marieke a little better… and make sure you read all the way to the end for an exclusive coupon and to see the sneak peek of the adorable freebie she’ll have for you when the tour departs on May 1st!



My name is Marieke and I live in the Netherlands. I am married and we have 1 daughter who will turn 13 in July. We also have a cat and a dog. We like to go for a walk, go on vacation, to take photos and to dance.


Q. What inspires your designs most?
Music is a great inspiration, but I can get inspired by colors, time of the year, a theme, a new set of CU products, things happening in our personal life or in the world.

Q. What is the meaning behind your design name?
As said before, my own name is Ma I am married to Robert and when our daughter Joline was born we were looking for a name for a website. It turned out to be Romajo. Ever since I have used this name in my online live.

Q. Who is your favourite character?
Duffy the Disney Bear!

Q. Which character would you say you are you most like?
Not sure who I am most alike, but my daughter sure is like Stitch. We even named our cat after her favorite character. Sometimes I wish we named him the other option (Duffy), because he can (re)act like a real Stitch and every now and then I had hoped that if we had called him Duffy he would have been a more lazy cat. LOL.


Princess or Pirate? Not into the pirates, although POTC is one of our favorite rides, but I love all the princesses, really don’t have a favorite.
Fab 5 or Princesses? Again, the princesses, but a trip isn’t complete without a meet with at least one of the fab 5.
Stash hoarder or Ruthless deleter? I have to admit, I am a stash hoarder. I have tons and tons of stash. I should go through it, but have been collecting since 2010, so it will be a huge job to get things sorted out and/or deleted… time I prefer to spend on designing and scrapping.
Cats or Dogs? Both! Although I think I can’t live without cats. The big cats (lions, tigers, cheetahs, etc.) are my favorite zoo/safari animals.
Tea or Coffee? Don’t like the smell of coffee, so it’s tea for sure! Right now my favorites are with fresh mint or with grounded ginger and honey. Just add hot water and drink it as hot as possible. YUMMM!


Make sure you follow Marieke to keep up to date with her goings on:
Site | Store | FacebookNewsletter

Here are a few of her amazing kits available for sale in her store:




Marieke also kindly sent over this coupon code for you all, use it to get 25% off at her store until June 30th. Just use the code: MMTmay17 at checkout.


We hope you enjoyed getting to know Marieke a little better, don’t forget to check out her store and social media while you are waiting for the tour to kick off. But for now here’s a little sneak peek of what is to come:



Make sure you check back Tomorrow for the next designer reveal – thanks for stopping by!


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