6 days until “A Magical Fairy-Tale” | Designer Reveal – Heather Z Scraps

6 days to go until A Magical Fairy-Tale!! Today we are welcoming back Heather of Heather Z Scraps, so lets get to know Heather a little better… and make sure you read all the way to the end to see the sneak peek of the adorable freebie she’ll have for you when the tour departs on May 1st!



Hi there! I’m Heather Z. of Heather Z. Scraps!  I’m 35 and live in Northern VA (right outside of DC) with my husband of 10 years (John) and our two boys (Jacob, 8 and Henry, 5).  Rounding out our household are our two kitties: Bella and Charlie. I’ve been scrapping (traditional) for about 15 years now, but only started digi-scrapping 4 years ago and started designing 2 years ago!


Q. What is your favourite part of the design process? 
Creating alphas! I love alphas and personally think any kit without one is an incomplete kit because alphas are super fun to scrap with!
Q. Where does your color inspiration come from?
99% of the time my color palettes I choose are bright and vibrant colors. I’m just naturally drawn to those types of colors (you’d notice that in my home decor and wardrobe if you knew me personally, lol) .. I have a HUGE board on pinterest (both my personal account and my business account) for color palettes. I just keep collecting them and collecting them until I need a new one at which time I go to that board, pick a few that I like and think will fit my theme and then I narrow down the colors from there. 9 times out of 10 I will use 3 or 4 color palettes from Pinterest to put together one 6 or 7 color color-palette for my own use.
Q. How old were you on your first Disney trip?
Q. Who is your favourite character?
It’s hard for me to choose just one character, but if I HAVE to I’m going to go old school and choose Mickey Mouse. 🙂 My favorite princess is Sleeping Beauty, I think. 🙂


Florida or California? Florida
Snow or Sun? Sun!!
Disney Hotel or Off Site? Disney Hotel!
Facebook or Twitter? Facebook!!


Make sure you follow Heather to keep up to date with her goings on:
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Here are a few of her amazing kits available for sale in her store:




We hope you enjoyed getting to know Heather a little better, don’t forget to check out her store and social media while you are waiting for the tour to kick off. But for now here’s a little sneak peek of what is to come:



Make sure you check back Tomorrow for the next designer reveal – thanks for stopping by!


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