10 days until “A Magical Fairy-Tale” | Designer Reveal – Natalies Place Designs

We’re so excited to be kicking off the countdown to the next Magical Mousetery Tour: “A Magical Fairy-Tale”. Today we are welcoming back Natalie of Natalie’s Place Designs! So settle in as we get to know Natalie a little better and see a sneaky peek of her gorgeous freebie…



Q. How long have you been designing?
I have been an artist for most of my life, having attended college to be an art teacher. I’ve been designing digitally since 2006 and I started seriously designing scrapbook supplies in 2010.

Q. Where do you find your design inspiration?
Anywhere and everywhere… A color combination, a pattern, a song, a single photograph.  The list goes on and on.

Q. What about designing do you love the most?
I enjoy the challenge of creating… to have an idea in my head and find a way to make it come to life…

Q. Who is your favorite character?

Q. Why do you love Disney?
I have loved Disney since I was a little girl… One of the first places I really remember going with my parents was Disneyland and the first movie I ever saw in a theatre was Sleeping Beauty. My love of Disney was rekindled in college when I took a class on animation and I was hooked. I took my boyfriend (now my husband…) to see Lady & the Tramp when it was playing at the local theatre. He had a great appreciation for it because he saw first hand how my effort, skill and artistry goes into creating animation.  A few years later I took him to see Beauty & the Beast and now I had him hooked.


Make sure you follow Natalie to keep up to date with her goings on:
Site | Store

Here are a few of her amazing kits available for sale in her store:




We hope you enjoyed getting to know Natalie a little better, don’t forget to check out her store while you are waiting for the tour to kick off. But for now here’s a little sneak peek of what is to come:



Make sure you check back Tomorrow for the next designer reveal – thanks for stopping by!



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