All Aboard, A Magical Adventure Departs Now!!

We’re so excited to be here today kicking off our 3rd tour: A Magical Adventure.

For those of you new here, the Magical Mousetery Tour is an all Disney themed blog hop. Our mission is to highlight some of the very best designers in the business and bring you, the customer, an amazing collection of Disney themed goodies every quarter.

This month’s theme“A Magical Adventure” was inspired by the magic of Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom Park. So, hop on board and collect all of the awesome goodies on offer while you can, the links are only valid throughout the month of June!

Your first stop has you heading on over to Trixie Scraps, and remember, if you ever get lost, come back here to find your way:

1. Trixie Scraps
2. FranB Designs
3. Designz by Dede
4. Designs by Romajo
5. Triple J Designs
6. Meg Scott Studio
7. Capturing Magical Memories
8. Growing Pains Scrapped
9. Neverland Scraps
10. Leaving A Legacy Designs
11. Mags Graphics
12. Melidy Designs
13. Wimpychompers Creations
14. Peppermint Creative

As you visit each blog please be sure to leave these ladies a lot of love and support for the goodies they have provided and for making this train possible! We already are putting together the details for our 4th blog train, which is due to depart in September 2016 – see you there 😉

If you are a designer and are interested in applying, please send us an email ( to reserve your spot on one of our future trains.


10 thoughts on “All Aboard, A Magical Adventure Departs Now!!

  1. Wow !!!!! This is such a fun hop !!!!! Take a bow ladies !!! The blog hop collection is wonderful . Thank you so much for creating these for us:)


    • Hi,

      Growing pains freebie is in her main post, after her kit for sale. Just click the images for the download, I screen grabbed it just so you can be sure what you are looking for: Screen Grab

      I personally don’t get a warning about entering Peppermint Creative but your firewall might be more secure than mine… Have you tried going to her site direct from Google? Sometimes links from other blogs can send up warning messages as you enter. I have never encountered a problem with her site. Let me know if you still cannot get in and I will try and get the freebie to you some other way.


  2. Thank you so much to all the wonderful designers who donated their time, effort and talent to make this such a fun and varied train .. I loved all the pieces very much 🙂 Thanks too go to the people behind the scene who organised it for us!! Hugs!


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