June 2016 Tour Designer Reveal #14: Neverland Scraps


We are excited to be here today, revealing Wendy of Neverland Scraps as the 14th contributor to the June 2016 Magical Mousetery Tour. So, lets get to know Wendy a little better:

I have been designing since the beginning when I found digital scrapbooking in May 2005.  While I was scrapping, I didn’t have something and figured if it were digital and someone made it, I could too.  So I started reading tutorials and after a week of reading tutorials, I created my first kit which was donated to a digi-forum.  After that, a few weeks, someone contacted me and asked me to sell in her store.


Probably Winnie the Pooh.  My father has called me Poohbear for as long as I can remember.  I had a few Winnie the Pooh things growing up and my daughter’s nurseries were both classic Winnie the Pooh.


All around!  From my best friend saying “I need a kit”, to listening to people say “there’s not enough of…..” all the way to, just sitting down and finding a color swatch that speaks to me and something is created from it.


Disney to me represents family and togetherness.  We’ve only been to Disney twice, and both times, we were celebrating my husband’s return from overseas.  After a long tour, it gives us something to look forward to and while we are living in the moment, we are able to enjoy not just each other’s company, but the memories that are created from such a magical place!


The feeling of accomplishment when you finish something, learn a new technique or see your growth as a designer.  I also feel this way when I am scrapbooking.  After my layout is complete, I stand in awe of the beauty staring back at me.  It’s an amazing feeling, one that I love and always look forward to when I complete a product!

Make sure you follow Neverland Scraps to keep up to date with her goings on:

Wendy currently has a guest spot over at GingerScraps, here are a few of the amazing kits she currently has in her store:




Make sure you check back Wednesday, April 20th when we’ll be announcing the next designer reveal!

Thanks for stopping by!



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