June 2016 Tour Designer Reveal #3: Natalie’s Place Designs


We are so excited to welcome back Natalie of Natalie’s Place Designs as the 3rd contributor to the June 2016 Magical Mousetery Tour. So, let’s get to know her and her designs a little better:


I have been an artist for most of my life, having attended college to be an art teacher. I’ve been designing digitally since 2006 and I started seriously designing scrapbook supplies in 2010.




Anywhere and everywhere… A color combination, a pattern, a song, a single photograph.  The list goes on and on.


I have loved Disney since I was a little girl… One of the first places I really remember going with my parents was Disneyland and the first movie I ever saw in a theater was Sleeping Beauty. My love of Disney was rekindled in college when I took a class on animation and I was hooked. I took my boyfriend (now my husband…) to see Lady & the Tramp when it was playing at the local theater. He had a great appreciation for it because he saw first hand how my effort, skill and artistry goes into creating animation.  A few years later I took him to see Beauty & the Beast and now I had him hooked.


I enjoy the challenge of creating… to have an idea in my head and find a way to make it come to life…

Make sure you follow Natalie’s Place Designs to keep up to date with her goings on:
Site | Store

Here are a few of her amazing kits available for sale in her store.

NPD Magic Carpet Ride Preview NPD OHA Preview NPD TIH Preview


Make sure you check back Monday, April 11th when we’ll be announcing the next designer reveal!

Thanks for stopping by!



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