June 2016 Tour Designer Reveal #1: Mags Graphics


We are so excited to be here today, revealing Mags of Mags Graphics as the 1st contributor to the June 2016 Magical Mousetery Tour. Mags is a brand new contributor and you’re going to want to check out her store! Let’s get to know her and her designs a little better:


I have been scrapbooking in some form or another since I was 15 years old (that’s about 28 years now… Yikes!).  In 2009, I started looking in to digital and was quickly hooked!  I started designing soon after and haven’t looked back!  I love this job! 🙂


I love the Disney Villains… Maleficent is my #1 because she can turn into a DRAGON, of course!


I usually scrap kits that I need for my own personal photos… photos of my kids’ activities.  I’m also a big Nerd – I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Star Wars so I have made some kits to match some of my favorite fandoms.


Love the music the most – those songs get stuck in your head for sure.  Plus I love how so many quotes become standard pop culture references – and everyone know what you are talking about when you use them.


I love seeing other people scrap with things I’ve created – what an honor to have colleagues and friends choose something I’ve made!  Thank you!

Make sure you follow Mags Graphics to keep up to date with her goings on:

Here are a few of her amazing kits available for sale in her store.


Mags also sent over this coupon code for you all! Use it to get 25% off her entire store, on top of sale prices! Use code: MAGS_MAGICMOUSE at checkout. Please note, this code is valid ONLY at her personal store HERE.

Mags coupon

Make sure you check back April 6, 2016 when we’ll be announcing the next designer reveal!

Thanks for stopping by!



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